Marie Claire founded an online employment platform in 2022 that offers comprehensive employment services to job seekers, current and past students in Australia, and international students. The platform caters to employers from different industries who are seeking skilled workers.

Additionally, it connects students looking for courses to start their careers and job seekers and workers aiming to improve their skills with educational institutions across Australia. SES is a great platform that offers an excellent opportunity for institutions to showcase the different courses their institutes provide.

Our primary goal is to help people lead fulfilling, rewarding, and productive lives by providing an online platform that matches job seekers and students with employment that meets their specific needs and aspirations, as well as suitable courses to advance their careers and enhance their skills. The platform also assists businesses in achieving their goals by matching them with skilled employees at an affordable cost.

Our Key Principles


We are committed to fulfilling our purpose, meeting the needs of our customers and contributing to our community.


We are committed to working with our customers to achieve our goals.

Customer Service

We are passionate about delivering high quality customer service and care.


We are committed to continually improving our service to meet changing needs.

Why Engage Student Employment Services?

  • Quality customer services at an affordable price
  • Guidance and help to write a great job advertisement for an affordable price
  • Connect with relevant and skilled candidates from our talent database.